I Love Me Some Ziploc Brand

Ok, I know it may seem that I am selling out to Ziploc, but I just cannot help myself. I have been a fan of Ziploc products for ages. There are so many things you can do with these products besides store food!

I use them all over the house. My absolute favorite product is the large, rectangle storage containers with the “one press seal.” These have a textured top that allows you to stack a bunch of them on top of each other. You can stack as many as five or six before the tower falls down.

I know this blog is for humor writing, but I also promised tips on how to make things a little easier around the house. This is one of those times. If you are already bored, skip to another post.

Since I am pretty OCD about organization, I use containers to “group” my stuff. For example, at Christmas time, Ziploc came out with solid green containers. I use the green ones for dog food only. My dogs get dehydrated dog food that can only be made in small portions at a time. So, I have about six or eight green containers that I measure out the dry food. As I need a batch of food, I pull one container at a time and put the water into the food. This way I do not have to drag out the colossal-sized dog food box to measure out the food as I need it. Then when I am done, it goes in the dishwasher. WHOOOO

One more thing I like is how the containers can be stored. For years I struggled with ways to keep these dang, reusable containers organized and not flopping all over the cabinet. Remember when you would open the cabinet door and all the containers would fall out onto the floor. I used to get so mad, I would just shove them all back into the cabinet and slam the door.

Now, I have a better way to store containers that I will share with you. I would have added a picture, but I am too electronically challenged to figure out how to get it in here. Anyway, when you buy the containers they are sitting upright with the lids on top. Take them out of the box. Take the bottom parts of the containers and flip them over so that the container opening is face down. Then, take the lids and also flip them over. Place the lids on top of the flipped over bottoms of the containers. I can stack as many as 20 this way and they stay in place! Try this out and let me know what you think! Now you can open my cabinet and each size is stacked and easily accessed. I amaze even myself!

I also thought I would share some of my ideas for uses for containers that may assist with you getting organized.

Ideas for use of Ziploc storage containers, keep in mind there are many sizes:


(Sometimes I do not use the lids to store some of these listed below)

  1. Place small, annoying trinket toys in a container, the little ones you step on all over the house
  2. Use an old container, that you do not plan to get back, to allow your husband to change some sort of flammable liquids in the garage such as oil or gas
  3. Store all those keys that you have no idea what they belong too, but just can’t make yourself throw them away
  4. Housing an injured butterfly that cannot fly because your dog attacked in the yard (this actually happened)
  5. Use in the frig to place meat, open yogurt containers or other leaky packages in a container to keep it from leaking all over the frig, I also put open, shredded cheese bags in one as the cheese never stays in the bag once it is opened
  6. Use to put bread, chips or other items that you store on top of the frig to keep the crumbs in the container
  7. Use as a “to go” dog water container while on a road trip
  8. Use smaller containers to place kids snack bars in lunches to keep them from getting mangled in a lunch box or backpack. Just leave it in the wrapper and no mess!
  9. Set aside one container that you re-use only for the disgusting pork sausage patties your husband cooks every Sunday to take for breakfast during the week. This one is labeled in permanent marker and kept separate from all the other clean containers. This one is hand washed and not allowed in the dishwasher. The grease on this container is horrid. You could grease an entire slip and slide with the grease residue from one pack of this cooked sausage.
  10. All of your nine-year old’s make up that has glitter, glue and greasy lip balm in it. It also catches those dang Q-tips that she does not put in the trash, but in with their makeup!
  11. Store various dog treats. You do not have to find a way to seal the treat bag and do not have to smell the God-awful beef liver treats.
  12. Use a container if you have some spoiled or rotten food that you do not want to put into the trash until trash day. This is my mother’s trick. Take the food item, put it in either a storage bag or container, then freeze it. When trash day comes, it goes from the freezer to the trash. No fuss, no smell. Albeit, you are down one container or baggie, it’s better to toss it than tolerate the stench from the trash can.
  13. Use smaller containers to make travel size anything! Laundry detergent, bar soap holder, toothbrush holder, etc. I always put my toiletries in a large bag when traveling by plane in case the plane pressure causes one to open. I have had shampoo cover the entire contents of my luggage on a trip when I left it out of a bag!
  14. Use a large, rectangle container near the stove in the kitchen, as a quickie first aid kit. Mine has allergy medicine bottles that get slimy, band aides, first aid cream, etc. This keeps me from having to drag my lazy ass all the way upstairs to the medicine cabinet.
  15. My husband obtained a coffee grinder that is forever spraying coffee grounds all over my kitchen. (I wish I could find a way for this thing to break.) I put the grinder in a container before putting back into the cabinet to catch all the loose coffee that my husband swears he cleaned out of the grinder before he put it away. Yeah, right. Ground coffee is like glitter, it gets everywhere! (Side note, the only thing I despise more than glitter is sand!)

Just be sure whatever you use the containers for that you keep the food and non-food containers separate. I just have to mention this so that some idiot does not try to re-use any of the containers my husband has used. By the time my husband gets done with a container, it is of no use to anyone else.

For you tree huggers out there, know that the containers are recyclable! I was reading in one of my nature magazines, I am a tree hugger too, about the need to have storage containers that can be recycled. So, I go on this hippie research binge thinking that I was going to have to replace all my storage containers. E-Gads! None of this stuff is cheap, but you get what you pay for, I guess. I looked at glass, other plastic wear, Bento boxes, Tupperware and all others I could locate. Then it occurred to me to visit with Ziploc web site. Yes, I most certainly did visit the web site.

As it turns out, the Ziploc bags are recyclable just like the plastic shopping bags from the grocery store. The Ziploc storage containers are also a #5 on the recycle chart and can be dropped into your recycle bins!

Also, from the web site for your reading pleasure:

SC Johnson’s Ziploc® brand Bags and Containers are BPA free.

 Ziploc® brand containers are made from polypropylene and can be recycled in a limited (but growing number) of communities. When it’s time to replace a used container, that used container can be converted into something new, instead of more trash for a landfill.

I could go on forever about the uses for these products, but many of you are probably already bored to tears by now.

I ask you to try out some of my ideas and let me know what you think. Once you get organized, it is easy to maintain. Try out some of my ideas, then send me new ones that you discover!

If anyone at SC Johnson happens to read this, I should be your next spokesperson!

Happy organizing!

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