Save Your Old Toothbrushes!

Ok, this one is about organization. So, if organization is not your thing, then move onto another post.

Do not throw away those used toothbrushes! You can use them again. I like to call it “re-appropriating” as in getting more mileage out of the things we buy.

Here are some ideas for use of your worn-out toothbrushes.

You may want to designate one brush for gentle items, such as jewelry.

I recommend using “soft” bristle brushes and so does my dentist.

Some brushes may only be used one time as they can get gross!

1.Clean the crevices of large dog water bowl dispensers, the ones with corners and hard to reach areas.

2. Scrubbing messes out of grout all over the house, showers, sinks, tile, floors, etc.

3. Scrub treads on bottoms of shoes to get in between the treads, such as dirt or dog poop (trash after that).

4. Cleaning jewelry such as rings, brackets and necklaces.

5. Scrub around faucets and sinks in hard to reach places on the fixture’s edges.

6. Scrub shower heads to remove dirt stuck in crevices of the sprayer.

7. Scrub sink faucet heads to rid of buildup (where the water comes out of the faucet).

8. With soap, scrub fingernails and cuticle beds to remove stains, grease, or dog poop.

9. Comb eyebrows to create smooth shaped brows.

10. Wet and brush eyelashes to look like you have longer eyelashes without having to use mascara.

11. Crevices in the corners of microwaves or toasters. (Please unplug first)

12. Scrub seems of glass shelves with plastic edges in the refrigerator.

13. Clean dashboard and consoles in your car such as knobs and air vents.

14. With a toilet, remove the caps that cover the bolts to the floor. Scrub away rust and stains, dry with cloth and replace caps.

15. With a clean toothbrush, wet it and use to scrub stains from fabric and upholstery such as a couch, chair or rug.

16. After applying stain remover, use on stubborn clothing stains.

17. With soap or cleaning solution, wet toothbrush and scrub rims of sink and shower drains.

18. For the clothes dryer. Remove lint tray and wipe excess lint from top of where you insert the tray. Wet toothbrush and scrub crevices of lint tray drawer. Rinse lint tray in sink, then scrub edges of the tray.

19. Stove tops. Wet toothbrush with mild soap and scrub corners of ceramic tops. For gas tops, remove grates and scrub around the burners.

20. Wet and scrub around door handles such as ovens, refrigerators and microwaves.

21. Wet toothbrush and scrub around window ledges and window latches to remove rust, stains or old paint.

22. Use dry. Clean picture frames by gently brushing corners of glass and frames to remove dust and lint build up.

There are many more ways to “re-use” an old toothbrush, so keep saving them. If you have any ideas, please feel free to share them with me!

Happy cleaning!

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