How Many of Your Opinions Do You Truly “Own”?

What do I mean? How many of the opinions you hold true come from an educated stance, on your part, about what you believe to be true and accurate? Did you research the topic in a “creditable” place? How many articles or research journals did you review before you decided your stance? Did you check the credibility of the sources you read? Did any of these sources include Teen Beat or People Magazines? I’m just sayin’.

The subject matter really is not what is important. It could be what diapers you think are the best for babies or your thoughts on illegal immigration. The milieu is not relevant, this is evidenced by many teenagers, of all social economic levels, spouting stupid crap they have heard from some other knucklehead and state as their own idea. Most times they do not even understand what they are “regurgitating” but claim it as their own thoughts.

I have said before that when you speak, your mind is on parade. This still holds true to any subject you speak of and express your opinion.

When I was young and single, I remember being at parties and social events, meeting new people. This is a good thing on its own. However, there were many times I would be cornered into a discussion with some troglodyte male who was trying to impress me with his “knowledge of the world” crap.

One of my favorite stories was meeting a guy at my neighbor’s house one evening. I was in my 20’s and lived alone in a condo. I had two single guys that lived across the street. These two dudes were forever having small parties and drinking until dawn. I was right there with them on several occasions.

I am out on the back deck and enjoying the early spring weather. This Poindexter looking guy saunters over to me to start up a conversation. He could have also been stumbling, but I did not notice the difference at the time.

He strikes up some bogus conversation about politics. Um, yawn. I am in my 20’s, working like a dog during the week. I just wanted to chill and talk smack. “Einstein” decided to use the “in the know” approach to engage me. Here we go.

So “dip-stick-alina” tries to impress me with his political knowledge and savvy. I am mentally rearranging my sock drawer in my head. I would have escaped but I was on the deck and he was blocking the door. (Note to self, never let a guy get between you and the exit.)

“Nostradamus” was trying to engage me in a banter over social politics and whatever other drivel he was spewing. He asked what I thought about blah, blah, blah, but apparently, I took too long to answer, so he just kept talking. I was busy calculating the odds of him getting struck by lightning, but unfortunately it was not stormy weather. Dang it.

I was contemplating spelunking off the deck to escape, but it was too high, and I had no ropes. I kept wondering how long my ankle fracture would take to heal if I just jumped anyway. Too large of a margin for me. So, still stuck on the deck with “congressman know-it-all.”

I was using most of my energy and concentration to make sure I did not roll my eyes or let out an audible smirk of a laugh. This was not easy.

So, I decided to keep drinking in hopes that I would go deaf or that “senator douche bag” would get bored and leave. No joy. Then he said some stuff that “pissed me right on off.” (As we say in the South.)

I was doing my best to be polite while he was talking. I kept trying to re-position myself closer to the exit. I was planning on saying I needed to go to the restroom in order to dart. Then, “captain doofus” starts quoting from radio station talk show hosts about the government and other political issues. He must have rambled off four or five quotes from different people on the radio. Well, snap!

My Southern manners had taken enough of a beating and I thought to myself, “that’s all I can stands, cuz I can’t stands n’more!”, as Popeye the Sailor Man used to say. I mentally ate my can of spinach (beer in this case) and waited for the strength of my verbal skills to kick in. Beer helped a lot.

I looked him straight in the eye and asked, “I have heard you state all of your quotes from others with their opinions. Let me ask you something. Do you have any opinions of your own? I mean, all that you have said has come from other people.” His response, Crickets!

He looked like the guy at the carnival game in the dunking booth and I was one with the ball that hit the target sending him into the pool of ice, cold water! In my attempt to save his pride, I excused myself to the ladies’ room. Funny, when I came out, he was gone.

I never really talk about politics anyway. One, I am not educated on the subject enough to hold a conversation with any accuracy or current political knowledge. Two, it bores the pants off of me. And, three, I have seen many political “discussions” turn into “arguments.” Count me out.

I am not saying you need a Ph.D. in a subject in order to discuss it. What I am saying is you need to understand what your opinion is on the matter and where you obtained your information.  For example, if you read my blog to obtain information about current political policy, you have come to the wrong place. I have already stated that I am not a “credible” source in these matters.

However, if you want to talk about camping in North Georgia or anything to do with Walt Disney World, I am your gal! I could also recommend the right beer or wine to drink while consuming a piece of yellow cake with chocolate icing! In these subjects, I am an expert.

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