“Mommy, Would You Ask Daddy to Stop Eating My Halloween Candy”

What is it about Halloween candy that causes most dad’s across America to sneak and eat their kids Halloween loot? I go through this every single Halloween!

When my daughter was little, she failed to realize that the bucket full of treats and candies were edible. Each year, after trick or treating, my daughter would pour out all the treats and play with them on the floor. She liked the shiny rappers and the sound Nerds candies made when she shook them. When she got bored, she would put all the candy back in the bucket!

Each night, after she went to bed, I would remove a handful of candy. Once it was all gone from her bucket, I donated the candy! Less what my husband managed to steal.

My daughter was more interested in getting dressed up and going door to door to GET the candy. As soon as she inspected her “winnings”, she no longer seemed to care about eating any of it.

This idea did not apply to her dad. I would catch him stealthily, or so he thought, sneaking into the kitchen to raid the pumpkin bucket for chocolate.

This was fine with me the first few Halloween’s. However, the year my daughter realized the candy was meant to be eaten was a game changer.

You remember being a kid and getting home from trick or treating. You would dump your entire pillowcase of loot on the floor. I still remember that smell of the candy mingling together that smelled like nothing I had ever known. I would then organize my candy into groups, then count each one! I would put the treats next to my bed each night.

I would wake up the next day and count again. It appeared that I was missing a Snicker’s bar, two Milky Way bars and a Baby Ruth. Hmm. I was sure of my count the night before.

Then one night I woke up and my pillowcase full of candy was gone. I got up and saw a light on in the bathroom. I walked into the bathroom and there is my dad with my pillowcase full of treats rummaging through it like a vagrant. I cold busted him right there! He looked like deer caught in headlights. Well, at least I knew that I had counted the candy correctly.

In America, we are continuously bombarded by the availability to candy. It is in the doctors’ offices, gas stations, grocery stores and even Home Depot sells candy! Why do we need to swipe it from our kids? FYI, the candy in your kids bucket still has the same calories as the ones you buy.

I do realize that mom’s and other family members tend to help themselves to the Halloween buckets. I am picking on dad’s right now, though.

So dads, help me understand. Do you swipe your kids candy because you like the thrill? Is it because the candy is just sitting in the bucket calling to you? Or, is it because you happen to see it and think, what the heck, I will have just one piece. That never seems to hold true though.

So this Halloween, see if you can refrain from dipping into the candy bucket that your kids worked so hard to collect. Your waistline will thank you!

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