Why Are Some People Mad ALL the Time?

Do you know anyone like this? I know quite a few. What gives?

I do not mean people that get mad easily or often. I am referring to people who just seemed to be generally pissed off most of the time. These people exhibit free flowing hostility wherever they go. You know the type. The ones always screaming at people in traffic with their windows up causing their passenger(s) to endure their little shit fit.

How can you tell if someone is mad about an issue or just mad at the world? It seems to me that being generally pissed off all the time wastes precious energy. Living this way must be exhausting!

I remember one day I was driving down the road and a car cut me off to get in front of me at a stoplight. The car came so close I thought we were going to have an accident! I unconsciously mouthed, “son of a b*#^>.”

Now, my windows were up, I did not honk my horn and I came to a complete stop at the light. I was shaking at the thought of almost colliding with this car.

All of the sudden, the car that cut me off has its door open and some big ole gal hauls her entireness out of the car. She begins to lumber towards my car, finger waving frantically through the air and screams at me, “my mama ain’t no b*#^>.” What? She saw me mouthing it in her rear-view mirror. Did you happen to also see the right-side hood of my car that you almost smashed into, by chance?

Well, my mama didn’t raise no fool. I kept my windows up and my doors locked. “Big mama” was standing in the street yelling at me after SHE cut ME off. Other drivers were yelling at big mama and telling her to get back in her car! Never mess with a mad woman in the South.

Later, after I calmed down, I thought to myself, what if she had actually hit my car? I betcha she would have blamed me for being in her ever so important way!

What do we really have to be so angry about anyway? Getting mad is not a crime. Getting out of your car to assault another driver is.

If you are one of these angry people, help me understand this mind set. Aren’t you wrung out at the end of the day? Did someone deputize you to police the other people around you to ensure they do not get in your way or do something you don’t like? What happens when you get truly angry about something? Does your brain implode?

I find that generally hostile people are often super critical, as well. It has been my experience that these folks are very “hard” on themselves. Their worst critics, per say.

Maybe if you could be more forgiving and tolerant of yourself, you may find it easier to tolerate other people. Things that make you go hmmm.

By the way, when y’all get yourselves “all riled up”, you make those around you nervous and anxious. Or, maybe that’s just me.

So, if you are a person who is mad all of the time, I offer you a challenge with yourself. Take a good look in the mirror, literally. You can’t lie to yourself, well not often.

Ask yourself what really makes you mad. Try only getting mad at those things. Then, when you find yourself getting angry about something else, just stop for a moment. Ask yourself if this is worth all of the energy that you are going to expend on this. Is it worth your precious time? Does this really matter in the grand scheme of your life? Is it so important to be mad that you make others around you squirm to get away from you?

If all else fails, get yourself some therapy. You are making the rest of us crazy!

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