About Me

My name is Laura and I am a true Southern girl from Georgia. I am an only child that grew up around mostly adults that had all kinds of wacky and zany behaviors. I have so many stories about goofy, yet funny, personal experiences. My humor stories are about real people and real events that occurred when I was younger and as I grew into an adult. Many of these stories are targeted to “life lessons” and learning to think for yourself. The stories are meant to make you laugh and sometimes, tear up a little. I try to give you all my thoughts, good and bad, during the reliving of each story as it is written. There is no judgement to how the stories unfold or the people that are in the stories.

My previous life was in the medical field and counseling people with physical and mental disabilities. One thing I learned from all those years was the importance of humor and laughter. Even in the midst of trauma or pain, making people laugh was my tool.

I write to give myself an outlet to the thoughts in my head. I have been lucky enough that the people I write about think that it is funny. My hope is that others find my writing funny and maybe make you think for yourself about the choices you make every day. You may not realize the importance of your choices on a daily basis, but they are the “yellow brick road” to your future. Choose mindfully and wisely.

The second part of the blog is organization tips. I have spent years refining my abilities to organize and clean. Most of the time I want a product or a way to clean well, I had to invent it myself. I have more vacuum cleaners that a five-star hotel. I have invented techniques to conquer any stubborn cleaning and/or organizational task that confounds others.

I have been organizing spaces for myself and others since I was a child. Today, I can arrange and create organized areas that challenge others. It matters not how big or small the task, I can make your spaces user friendly and easy to maintain.